What to Expect from Your Workouts When You’re No Longer Expecting

People give you all kinds of advice on life after you have your baby (ehm-sometimes too much advice), but you honestly won’t really know what you need or how you’ll feel until you find yourself lying at home on the couch with an icepack, a jug of water, snuggling your brand new human.

Will you feel like you can’t walk for weeks? (ME!) Or will you feel ready to get back into your workout routine right when you’re cleared? Having an active pregnancy right up until the end does not always translate to jumping right back in to where you left off!

Whenever you are ready, there are some things you maybe don’t expect when you try to start working out again:

  • Leaking… enough said.

    Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 11.25.33 AM.png

    Must have.


  • Being worried about milk supply, soreness, engorgement etc etc.


  • Being interrupted multiple times by crying, pacifying, feeding, holding your baby, and taking your own pee breaks!


  • Not being able to hold your pee in when you jump or run


  • Not being able to do upper body weights EVER because your arms & shoulders are perpetually sore from carrying baby & the heavy car seat around


  • Being so tired from not sleeping that it takes days to muster up the courage to workout, & then several days before the next workout because you’re still sore/tired from the last one


  • Your old workout clothes don’t fit the way they used to & you may not feel like yourself


  • Starting, then stopping for several weeks, then starting again, then stopping again. It may take many more months to get into a regular routine than it did pre-baby! And just when you get into a routine, your baby may switch it up on you.


  • Needing way more pelvic floor work than you think… Taking a break from your old HITT routine & sit ups to focus more on kegel exercises, glute bridges, wall sits, light sumo squat pulses… The “boring” stuff. Your insides need to HEAL!

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 12.01.21 PM

  • Feeling guilty because you’re not giving your baby your full attention (or maybe have a sitter while you head to the gym), but hey, mama’s gotta be strong to handle the craziness of motherhood!


  • Your body may feel up to it, but your mind may not, especially if struggling with postpartum depression, anxiety, or hormonal fluctuations


And because everyone has to offer their 2 cents new moms, I’ll offer mine:

You might not bounce back right away, so take your time, be gentle with yourself, and laugh at yourself A LOT.  Your body just went through an amazing and incredibly taxing miracle. Any time you’re active is a victory! Take it one day at a time, and focus on getting some movement in each day–walking with your baby around Target counts 🙂 Speaking as someone that has always LOVED to workout and was running the stairs hours before my water broke, it has taken me 6 months to feel up to a consistent routine again, and really wanting to get back into it.

As with most things worth doing, the path is often not linear, but we keep working at it. Listen to your body, and push yourself–or tell your partner to push you– when you feel up to it and know you need to! And remember, even if you’re not thrilled about how your body looks postpartum, please appreciate it for how it housed your little one and worked hard to bring them into this world ❤


My first “walk” 1 week post-delivery in January. Walks have been my saving grace to get me out of the house and doing light cardio when I don’t feel up to more.

Fall Workout Playlist

Fill your heart and mind with positive and uplifting lyrics AND get pumped up to workout. These are some of my current favorites! Subscribe to my Spotify Soul Strong Playlists and listen for free from your phone, tablet, or computer.

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We are entering the time of year where unhealthy food, desserts, and candy are everywhere you turn! anyone anticipating needing a halloween candy detox?? looking to feel energized and vibrant going into Thanksgiving? We all need to reset occasionally to be sure food isn’t controlling us!

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Outdoor Cardio Workout

outdoor workout

here’s an easy outdoor cardio workout for end of summer as the weather starts to become a little more pleasant! Run 5 minutes in between each exercise and then find a bench to perform the exercises for 1 minute straight. It should look like this:

Run 5 mins

Alternating Bench Step Ups 1 min

Run 5 mins

Tricep Dips 1 min

Run 5 mins

Squat jumps (with or without weights if you have them!) 1 min

optional mountain climbers 1 min


The Importance of Silence

I breathe in and breathe out.

I listen to my steps pound the pavement.

I look at the beauty around me in nature and in people, seeing things in my neighborhood I’ve never noticed before.

I feel my heart beating and the wind on my face, the sweat drip from my head.

My mind is open and undistracted.

I’m separated from my phone and stimulation and entertainment.

There’s nothing to pump me up and tell me to keep going…

Just me and the silence.

At this point in my silent run, I become intimately aware of my exhaustion and/or boredom, and every step is labor. All I can think about is wanting to stop and wishing I had brought my iPod after all.

BUT something pricks my heart and reminds me of how this is a very connected image to the spiritual race of life. Learning silence and enduring in exercise both take tenacity and patience and a deeper purpose.

I am resolved to go on, to hush the doubt. And I draw my thoughts higher until I can offer it up to God as a hardship, as a sacrifice, as a gift, telling Him I will endure in this Life until I reach the next. I will run to win the prize and finish the race, as Paul talks about in his letter to the Corinthians and to Timothy.

I am the first person to want to use my time efficiently by listening to podcasts or certain playlists while I’m working out! Sometimes those are useful and motivating, and other times you need not be afraid of silence to refuel your soul. It can be a very powerful tool in this busy busy world to calm your mind, exert your body, and find precious time to connect with your Creator in a way we don’t always get to do in the daily grind.

If you are a runner, power walker or a hiker, try occasionally to use that time to be contemplative and prayerful, and as a reminder of the journey of faith that we are all on. Who knows? Prayer and silence might become your new favorite reason to workout!

{ “The fruit of silence is prayer, the fruit of prayer is faith, the fruit of faith is love, the fruit of love is service, the fruit of service is peace.” } Mother Teresa


#SneakPeekSaturday: Health Apps I LOVE/USE


Yall, I know people might be sick of hearing about Fitbits, or other similar bands…but I LOVE THEM. I have tried from the beginning not to become obsessive about my steps, but it has really helped me be mindful on a daily basis of my sitting! I enjoy some healthy competition with myself and with friends/family, and as a fitness junkie, I love checking my heart rate while I’m working out to know how intense I’m working. On days I’m being lazy, I’m motivated to be a little more active, and on days I’m really tired, I have “proof” on the app of how hard I’ve worked. THE BEST PART IS THE SILENT ALARM! aka Waking up in peace.


I have been using this app off and on for YEARS to keep track of my day’s calories. I’m not strict by any means with “counting calories”, but sometimes I like to be aware. I haven’t once looked up a food they didn’t have, even from restaurants! I can sync this app with my fitbit to adjust my calories for the day… if I’ve walked a lot or worked out hard, it will adjust my number to tell me to eat MORE so I don’t risk falling below what my body needs. In addition to keeping track of what I ate that day, I can be “friends” with my personal training clients and see their diary of what they’ve been doing for exercise/nutrition without me. It’s a good way to cheer people on and interact!


Now I don’t have to do much for this app, but I keep it around because I’m slowly earning $$$$ for good habits. You can set different goals for yourself, and as you accomplish them each day, it rewards you points. Once you reach 50,000 points you get $50! It’s a good way to reward yourself after working hard to be consistent. Studies show we are often motivated by a reward we find valuable… like money (if doing it for your health wasn’t enough 😉 )



Beachbody on Demand

THIS.IS.AWESOME. The ultimate “no excuses” program. You can stream the FULL 60 or 90 day workouts on your phone, tablet, laptop from Insanity, P90X, P90X3, Turbo Fire, 10 Minute Trainer, Brazilian Buttlift, ChaLean Extreme etc.! I’ve done PI-YO and T-25, so those purchased programs also show up on to stream. So if I don’t want to take the DVDs with me on the road, I can always have a workout with me via technology. There are also a few trials of the other newer workouts, so you can try the 21 Day Fix, Pi-Yo or T-25 for FREE!!

You can get a 30 day FREE TRIAL to Beachbody on Demand! CLICK HERE

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