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What are we really hungry for?

Our humanness usually experiences physical hunger, emotional hunger, and spiritual hunger.

In an ideal world, we would be balanced and filled in each of those areas. Our stomach usually tells us when we are missing a meal, but when we are lacking in the other categories, we may feel a void, anxiousness, boredom, deprived, or even depressed.

I had finally reached a point in my health journey where I was consistent with morning workouts in our apartment, and feeling so happy and balanced! I was no longer obsessing over every little calorie or number on the scale, but was able to bring God glory by overcoming certain temptations and treating my body as a living temple.

I started to see those morning workouts as a non-negotiable for my day, even if it made me slightly late for work here and there or I didn’t have as much time to get ready. It was my daily accomplishment, my daily energy, and my stress relief. I knew I was doing something that God wanted me to do for my physical body with finally the right mindset!

One day, a thought hit me like a ton of bricks on a day that I was having a bad attitude. I realized that in my pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, I had been neglecting a very important area.

I began to ask myself, “am I seeking that non-negotiable time with God like I do with my workouts? Am I spending the same amount of time in the silence and presence of the Lord as I am working out for Him?”

I began to feel the spiritual hunger–that draw to just dive into Him. And thank goodness for hunger, so we are prompted to seek what we are lacking.

We made a deal.

I would try to start each morning with prayer. And as much as I LOVED my morning workouts, if I didn’t wake up in time to do BOTH a workout and a quiet time, I would choose my prayer and study. In an ideal world, I’d do both. My goal is always to wake up with enough time to feed my heart, soul, mind, and strength. Some days, that’s worked and is so awesome! And others, I have to choose my devotions, and hope that I can squeeze in a workout before bed or get more steps during the day.

So many different things are fighting for our time… and very GOOD holy things included! God is happy when I workout so that I can be physically equipped to serve and so that I can be taking care of the body He has given me. I do see exercise as a form of worship to God, but it is not a replacement for nurturing my mind and heart, the true wellspring of life and the very place that drives my words and actions.

“For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.” (1 Timothy 4:8)

There are some questions we need to ask ourselves when we think our balance between the physical and the spiritual life is off. I put together a short “check list” to help you think and pray about re-calibrating your daily habits to hopefully be filled with what satisfies.

where do I find my greatest joy?

what am I thirsting for? what do I CRAVE everyday?

what consumes my thoughts?

when do I feel most beautiful and confident?

have I been feeding my mind and heart as much as the needs of my body?

when was the last time I felt positive and energized?

am I feeling low on “fuel” in my tank and apathetic about using my time to do purposeful activities?

did I do something to train my body today?

have I had a genuine and uplifting conversation with a friend this week?

have I created my life’s mission statement and stuck to it lately?

how can I say “no” to a few extra things to have extra time to take care of myself?