Clean Eating Snacks

The most important part of living a healthy lifestyle is PLANNING and PREPARING. You don’t get healthy and stay healthy without intentionally doing so, especially when processed junk food is so readily available and our lives only get busier and busier.

Even though cooking healthy can sometimes be more time consuming than picking up fast food, it always nice to have a few quick snacks you can count on to toss in a container/baggie and take with you on the road, to work, to a friend’s house etc.

“Clean eating” is all about finding and consuming food in it’s most natural state. Stick to the outside of the grocery store, and look for fresh produce. Eating “clean” is not about being on a particular diet, it’s about finding foods that will let your body’s organs function at their optimum level without the pollution of extra chemicals or colors or preservatives. This typically involves getting rid of extra sugars in your diet, especially the artificial ones… so TOXIC! The nutrients we eat are far more important than focus solely on calories because they have the power to prevent disease, give energy, and improve your heart health.

Ever heard “you are what you eat? so don’t be cheap, easy, fast, or fake.” –Basically clean eating’s motto!

Here are a few of my favorite go-to snack options:

Clean eating Snacks

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