Healthy Mexican Food

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I recently went out to eat with my in laws when they came into town to visit. My father in law LOVES Mexican! We don’t mind it either… who doesn’t love to down some chips and salsa for 30 minutes before your meal comes!?

Going out to eat for a special occasion like CINCO DE MAYO doesn’t have to ruin your healthy eating plan! Mexican food can actually be GOOD for you! (notice I said the FOOD, not the fancy drinks! haha)

Here are some suggestions to get you prepped and ready for the celebrations:

  • For the most determined person: Ask your waiter not to bring chips before the meal so you aren’t tempted to fill up beforehand.
  • Look for grilled lean meats. Let your eyes skim past anything fried! An easy go-to is chicken fajitas with peppers and onions… or something with shrimp or fish.
  • Skip the sour cream and extra cheese piled on the side of your plate before it even reaches the table. Minimal toppings are best, but hot sauce or salsa can be great low calorie additions to add a lot of flavor
  • Ask if you can swap out the the refried beans for black beans, which are high in fiber and protein and likely not cooked with fat like the refried ones often are. 
  • If you have to, choose guacamole over nacho cheese. Healthy fats are better than artificial cheese, but just be mindful of your portion sizes. Avocado is still super high in calories, even though it’s good for you. A little bit goes a long way! 
  • If you are someone’s home, you may be able to purchase or bring whole wheat tortillas to use for burritos or quesadillas instead of flour. If at a restaurant, they may allow you to swap out for corn tortillas too, which are better than the flour ones! (Same goes for trying to switch out the rice for brown rice. Never hurts to ask!)
  • If going for drinks, aim for a light beer with less calories than a huge margarita, high in carbohydrates and sugar. 
  • Don’t fall for giant combo serving sizes. The A La Carte Menu can be your friend to pick and choose healthy options for you, especially if you wanted to add a side a vegetables to your meal.

GOOD LUCK & have fun!