Things that make me feel good today:

1. Finallyyyy getting around to showing my feet attention & painting these bad boys! My feet can finally be ready to stop wearing boots!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

2. Giving a little love to my hair tonight… Haven’t had it cut in 6 months it’s always amazing to have someone else wash my thick hair! 💇

3. Getting up early this morning to make a delicious tofu veggie fried rice for lunch today! Rainy days call for a pick me up celebration during lunch 

4. Knowing I’ve worked hard this week to be consistent in my workouts. Fudged on my nutrition, but treated myself before my next challenge starts next week! I love being a little sore as a reminder of what my body accomplished!

5. Getting a “Thank You” email from a Personal Training client. It’s my WHY. Warms my heart and I never take it for granted.

What about you??  What’s making you feel good today?!