“My life is in shambles”, she said immediately after our introductions. My new client came to me ashamed of who she’d become, in the middle of a downward spiral of excessive weight gain, a sedentary life, and out of control overeating habits. Having tried almost every workout plan, most attempts at a solution seem to have failed.

Like this client, many people want to make changes in their lives, but just can’t seem to get started. We all know plenty of people who want to have more energy, to eat better, and to find time to workout more. However, often times the physical change needs to begin with transforming the mindset to make sure it creates permanent and positive change from the inside out.

Here are 3 key thoughts that are important to reflect on when facing a struggle with your health, however big or small you believe it to be.

1. We were all made for more than defeat.  You’re life does not always have to be stuck in a cycle of the same old choices. Victory and freedom are possible.  Life is a battle; a battle against who the world tells us we should be, against the feelings of guilt or unforgiveness that creep into our minds, against our taste buds that tell us we can be truly satisfied through our consumption of food and sugar, and against the excuses we believe that keep us thinking we’ll get started tomorrow. Ready your heart and mind today, and everyday, to stand up and fight against what hinders your progress.  Fight for the kind of respect your body deserves.

2. God works it ALL for good-even the mistakes and setbacks.  Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to tear down the old lies, and rebuild your mind with hope and truth. Creating an entirely new set of healthy habits is not easy, but when you are weak, God is strong in you. Remember that set backs are part of the process in long-term change. Rather than beat yourself up for the times you may have failed, grab hold of grace, get back up, and begin to walk the walk again one day at a time. Sometimes the sweat (after struggling through a workout) and tears (after saying “no” to extra cookies) can be healing water. 

3. Don’t be motivated for change out of guilt or fear, but out of acceptance and love for yourself and for others. It’s that love for the body we’ve been given that reminds us we operate best when we live ACTIVELY. It’s a love for the God of the Universe that makes us want to honor Him with the way we feed ourselves. It’s that love for others that drives us to be healthy enough to serve them. Don’t make a decision to indulge yourself, but a thoughtful decision for love and sacrifice.

So if you feel like your life is “in shambles” in some way too, you don’t have to stay there holding on to the broken pieces. Hand them over to the Potter so He can piece them back together, stronger and more lovely than you were before. Your soul and strength will be better for it.

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In all these things, we are more than conquerors through HIM who loved us.   Romans 8:37