Sugar is Killing Us

Dramatic, I know… but true!

A bowl of candy has been sitting on my office desk for 8 months and I honestly can’t believe this former sugar addict hasn’t had ONE piece (except when I have the occasional dark chocolate in there!)…HOW is this possible?!


Knowledge is power. Knowledge builds confidence in decision making. Confidence in our decisions lead to habits. You see, the knowledge I have that allows me to resist that jar everyday is the knowledge that makes my brain register that candy and added sugar as POISON. And poison does NOT appeal to me.

Maybe thinking of these few facts about sugar below will help you resist the sweet tooth every once in a while!

1. Leptin, the hormone that tells your body that it is full, is impaired when you eat sweets. Your brain tells you that you still feel hungry longer and tells you to eat way more than you should. This would also explain your cravings all day!

2. Sugar is quickly absorbed and spikes your blood sugar, which spikes your insulin levels and eventually can lead to diabetes. Insulin triggers fat storage and inflammation. Inflammation is the foundation of many chronic diseases. And because you can’t feel that you’re full (see #1), you keep storing more and more fat.

3. Studies show it’s more addictive than COCAINE. The brain lights up like you’re on heroin when you get your fix and you turn into a sugar junkie! Talk about out of control!

4. Sugar may give you an energy rush at first, but it triggers serotonin, the sleep hormone, and you end up having an energy crash. (which usually prompts people to eat more or have more sugar to try to get the energy back) SPIKE–>CRASH–> SPIKE–> CRASH

5. The sugar turns your liver on the bad cholesterol train which leads to fatty liver. No joke. Even for those at a healthy weight, who “look healthy”, may have a sugary diet that’s shutting down their organs on the inside!

Did I scare you yet?? I hope so 😉

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Is what you’re eating healing or hurting you? Reclaim and re-train your taste buds! Your body will seriously thank you! Try to make small replacements by incorporating fruit or dark chocolate into your diet when you find yourself reaching for the candy jar or donut box on your co-worker’s desk.