40 Days to Give & Grow

Many participate in 40 days of prayer and fasting leading up to Easter. Fasting doesn’t always have to be from meals, but can be fasting from distractions that keep us from focusing on our priorities; fasting from the luxuries we have that we don’t NEED; or denying ourselves things we covet to be reminded of our need to rely on God in all things.

Experiencing a small sacrifice helps us to become less selfish and more focused on our souls, rather than just our bodies.

Here are some ideas if you’re looking for something to give up or something to add!

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1. Soda (one of the worst things for your body!)

2. Creamer/Sugar in Coffee… or worse: giving up Starbucks altogether

3. Candy (and all the baked goods that get brought into your office kitchen!)

4. Alcohol

5. Hitting Snooze

6. Negative Talk/Gossip

7. Overcommitment/Busyness

8. TV/Netflix/Amazon Prime/Hulu

9. Snacking past 7pm

10. Giving up control; not trying to be perfect and the manager of the Universe.


1. 30 minutes of exercise each day

2. Daily Journaling: log about your Food, Fitness, Faith, Family, & Friends

3. A random act of charity each day

4. Listening to a leadership/business/faith podcast on your commute

5. Reading an enriching book 20 minutes before bed

6. Starting your morning with prayer

7. Trying a new fitness class each week

8. Drinking more water and green tea

9. Getting involved in a volunteer program

10. Buying someone in a need a meal each week